Electrical Services

Ankeny Electric & Solar LLC is frequently found on building sites installing new or upgrading electrical systems. We are experts at installing new wiring, lighting, and your other electrical needs.

  • Farms & Agriculture
    • Service Installs and Upgrades
    • Wiring
    • New and Replacement Lighting
    • Grounding and Lightning protection
  • Commercial
    • Electrical Service Installation and Upgrades
    • Business Signs
    • Lighting
    • Both remodeling and new office construction
    • Adding grounding, lightning and GFCI Protection
  • Residential
    • New or replacement services
    • Both remodeling and new home construction
    • Adding grounding, lightning and GFCI Protection
    • Room, Accent, and Outdoor Lighting
    • Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas
    • Water Heater Servicing (Electric)

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